The 10 Best Team Gifts of 2022

Boost employee morale with these thoughtful gifts

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Are you looking for a great gift for your team or direct reports? This guide will provide you with a variety of ideas for gifts that'll fit the personalities on your team. We’ve covered gifts for wine lovers to coffee lovers, as well as smartphone accessories that will help your team be their most productive. If you have several people to buy for, no worries—this list of the best gifts for your team are all under $100.

Best Overall: Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper

There’s nothing like a fresh batch of air-popped popcorn. The snack lovers on your team will appreciate the Presto PopLite Hot Air Popper. It pops out up to 18 cups of gourmet popcorn in less than 2.5 minutes—a fraction of the time of a microwave.

This air popper uses regular or gourmet popcorn and doesn’t require oil. And because there’s no oil, the final product has fewer calories, no artificial flavors, no saturated fats, preservatives, or added salt.

Best for Coffee Lovers: Atlin Tumbler

Every coffee drinker needs a portable tumbler that will keep their beverage warm. The Atlin’s two layers of insulation do just that. Its sleek design is made of 100 percent BPA-free stainless steel. It’s dishwasher safe and eliminates the threat of toxins. The tumbler can carry up to 30 ounces of liquid, yet still fit within standard size cup holders.

The tumbler is designed to effectively maintain the temperature of the liquid inside no matter the temperature outside. In other words, your coffee will stay warm on cold days and ice water will stay cold on hot days.

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Best Tech: Lamicall Cell Phone Stand

Great for almost anyone on your team, the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones that measure 4 to 8 inches. The stand is built with a low center of gravity that keeps it stable even under the weight of a smartphone. The cushioned hooks hold the phone firmly and securely in place without scratching the screen or body of the phone.

Because of the angle, the stand is perfect for video chatting with family and friends, live streaming to social media, and more. Plus, Lamicall offers a lifetime warranty service with the stand, which means the recipient can receive a replacement product if they’re unsatisfied with it.

Best for Productivity Enthusiasts: The Mastery Journal

Help your team members maximize their productivity using The Mastery Journal—a journal that had a very successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017. The daily journal pages can be used to set an easily executable plan for success. The pages are also undated, giving you the flexibility to start whenever you’re ready and pick up easily if you miss a day or two. The journal purchase grants access to an exclusive, private Facebook group where you can interact with other Mastery Journal users who can help provide guidance.

This powerful habit-building journal keeps your daily routine and projects organized. Measuring 7 x 1 x 10 inches, the journal is also small and light enough to carry around every day.

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Best for Wine Lovers: Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener & Ice Bucket

No more twisting off corkscrews the old-fashioned way. Secura's Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Wine Opener removes the cork from wine bottles in just seconds, with little effort. The wine opener features a bright blue LED light, making it easier to place the tool when opening a bottle of your favorite red or white. With a built-in rechargeable battery, it can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge.

The included stainless steel ice bucket will help keep wine at the perfect temperature. The gift set also includes a foil cutter that can easily remove foil seals from bottles.

Best for Chocolate Lovers: Lindt Chocolate Swiss Luxury Selection

Chocolate lovers will fall in love with The Lindt Chocolate Swiss Luxury Selection, which features 14 premium rich and creamy chocolates in each box. The assortment has candies crafted with milk, dark, and white chocolate and each is paired with a variety of flavors, including orange, hazelnut, caramel, and cookies and cream. The chocolates are packaged in an eye-catching gold gift box.

Best for Plant Lovers: The Sill ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Courtesy of The Sill

The Sill's ZZ Plant is the perfect plant for seasoned green thumbs and beginners alike. Originating from East Africa, it's well-suited for life indoors as the tropical plant is a no-fuss, low maintenance option for busy office workers. It can tolerate low light and doesn’t require much watering (only about every two to three weeks). The plant also doesn’t need any special type of potting soil.

It comes in a nursery grow pot nestled inside a ceramic planter in either black, white, or peach. With its shiny, emerald green leaves, this plant is sure to brighten up any home office or workspace. 

Best Stocking-Stuffer: Diptyque Baies Candle

Diptyque Baies Scented Candle

Courtesy of Diptyque

There’s a reason why this Diptyque candle remains a classic. It emits the tangy scent of blackcurrant berries emboldened by the flowery accents of a rose garden, taking you on an olfactory journey. Its burn time lasts up to 60 hours, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. Not to mention, it comes in a sophisticated glass that makes for a great decorative piece.

Best for Tea Lovers: VAHDAM Founder's Select Tea Bags Set

VAHDAM Founder's Select Tea Bags 40-Piece Set

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

For the well-traveled tea lover who’s tasted it all, this assorted box of teas from VAHDAM makes for an excellent gift. The 40-piece set boasts eight delectable blends of tea from India, such as the boldly-flavored Darjeeling Summer Black Tea, spicy Masala Chai Tea, and Organic Himalayan Green Tea. They're also packaged in ready-to-brew tea bags that are drinkable at any time of the day.

Best Sweets: Sugarfina Floral Candy Bento Box

Sugarfina Floral Candy Bento Box

Courtesy of Sur La Table

Treat your co-workers and give them their flowers in one fell swoop with this gourmet candy box. A Sugarfina spin on the traditional flower bouquet, each box includes But First, Rosé gummies infused with rosé wine from Provence, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and Peach Bellini gummies. Best of all, the gift set is beautifully packaged in a pink floral box.