12 Apps to Help With Home Business Taxes

Man using a home business tax app on his phone while sitting at a table with business graphs and charts.

Andresr / Getty Images

Tax time is never fun, but for home business owners, it can seem particularly daunting. Business receipts, travel logs, non-paid invoices, returns and all the other items that need to be tracked can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the digital age has provided tools to make tax time easier. Even better, many of these tools can now travel with you on your phone. Here are 12 apps—listed in alphabetical order by category—to help you track expenses, manage your books, and prepare your taxes.

Apps for Tracking Expenses

The first challenge in taxes is wrangling all the receipts and expenses. These apps help you track this data for easy sorting and report creation at tax time. Several options allow you to scan receipts for easy data input. Don’t forget to track any expense you have related to these apps, as those are tax-deductible business expenses.

1. BizXpense Tracker

  • Available for both iOS and Android—as of 2017 $6.99 with add on options
  • Track and report your expenses, mileage and work time
  • Scan receipts and a human will enter the data for you (might be an additional charge after 10 free scans)
  • Create expense reports

2. Expensify

  • Available for both iOS and Android—free and paid versions
  • Track and report expenses including travel
  • Use SmartScan to input your receipt information
  • Create expense reports
  • Reimburse employees from within the app

3. Mileage Log+

  • Available in iOS—$4.99 annual subscription
  • Designed with the IRS in mind
  • Email reports in PDF or CSV Excel-compatible formats
  • iCloud backup
  • Customize categories
  • Store frequent trips for an easy mileage entry

4. Mint (iOS/Android Free)

  • Available for both iOS and Android—free
  • Track and manage expenses
  • Manage bills
  • Customize reports
  • Create budgets

5. Shoeboxed

  • Available for both iOS and Android—service starts at $29 per month with the business version running $49.95 per month
  • Scanning with OCR and human data verification
  • Send receipts and business cards in prepaid envelopes for entry
  • Archive receipts from Gmail
  • IRS-accepted receipt images
  • Send expense reports
  • Works with other business tools such as Quickbooks, Wave, Evernote, and more
  • The business version offers:
    • 500 document scans per month
    • Prepaid envelopes
    • Quickbooks Online integration
    • Three users

Apps to Manage Your Accounting

Along with tracking expenses, home business owners need to manage income, returns, invoices and all the other financial tasks related to financial management. These apps can assist you in your overall accounting needs.

6. ​Freshbooks

  • Available for both iOS and Android—free trial and then $15 to $50 per month depending on the client size
  • Invoice clients
  • Track expenses
  • Track time
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Accept payments
  • Works with other tools such as Shopify and Stripe

7. inDinero (contact for pricing and app info)

  • Two pricing plans that are billed annually with the Essentials starting at $300 per month
  • Invoicing and online bill payment
  • Employee reimbursement
  • Tax portal
  • Customized reporting
  • Month to date snapshot
  • Credit card processing integration with Stripe
  • Inventory management integration with Stitch Labs
  • Accounting and tax help

8. Quickbooks Online

  • Available for both iOS and Android—offers 30-day free trial and then pricing is based on the plan with the Self-Employed version running $10 per month
  • Send invoices
  • Accept credit/debit card payments
  • Record bills, purchases, and expenses
  • Manage payroll
  • Run reports
  • Download bank transactions automatically
  • Integrate with many other online tools including PayPal, American Express, Time Tracker, and more

9. Wave

  • Available for both iOS and Android—offers a free Basic service as well as a fee by the transaction payment processing
  • Free invoicing, accounting, receipt scanning
  • Invoice estimates
  • Track invoices and payments
  • Accept payment (fee)
  • Track income and expenses
  • Payroll tax calculations
  • Pay employees or contractors
  • Direct deposit and online pay stubs

Apps to File or Assist With Taxes

For filing your taxes as a business, your best option is a software that can integrate with your apps. Many of the accounting options above can work with tax software. Check with your app to find the ones it integrates with.

10. IRS2Go (iOS/Android/Amazon Free)

  • Available for both iOS and Android—free service
  • Check refund status of your return
  • Make checking account, credit card or debit card payment to IRS
  • Tax preparation assistance
  • Videos, social media, and other options to stay in touch for tax tips and more

11. Taxfyle

  • The iOS is free but pay for filling with the price determined by your information
  • Prepares all business forms including C Corp from 1120, S Corp from 1120S, Partnership form 1065, Non-profit form 990
  • Ideal for independent contractors, freelancers, and home business owners
  • Suggest using accounting software such as Quickbooks, Shoebox, Expensify or Mint, a spreadsheet

12. TurboTax

  • Available for both iOS and Android—available in four paid versions with a free option and also options for state filings
  • Self-Employed option (read offer details and disclosures)
  • Live expert help
  • Take photo of W-2 to import data into tax forms
  • Easy answer questions interface to fill in forms

The best way to make tax time easier is to start filing, tracking and organizing your business-related financials into a digital tool that will provide reports, store receipts, and integrate with your tax software. Don’t wait. The sooner you start organizing, the easier your business money management and tax preparation will be.