Take control of your business record-keeping! We'll show you how to set up your accounting systems to stay organized and keep your business profitable.
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What's the Difference Between Costs and Expenses?
Past due bills and an invoice piled on top of each other
Using an Accounts Receivable Aging Report for Collections Management
FIFO First-in, First-out Inventory Costing Explained
FIFO or LIFO - Which Works Best for You?
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What Is an Enrolled Agent (EA)?
All About Business Property
Why Business Property is Important to Your Business
Woman looking at her paycheck
Keeping Paycheck Records for Employees—What's Required by Law?
Attorney on retainer shaking hands with his client in an office setting.
Learn How Attorney Retainer Fees Work and When One Is Required
Shoe box of bills awaiting payment
Avoid the Shoebox Business Mistake at Tax Time
Woman using a calculator at her desk to work as a CPA, bookkeeper, or accountant.
CPA? Bookkeeper? Accountant? What's the Difference?
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Paying Business Taxes: The Best Way to Make Payments
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What's the Burden of Proof for Business Tax Deductions?
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Here Are Some Tips on How to Get Your Struggling Business Back in Line
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Business Assets and How They Affect Your Business Taxes
Business Records Lost
What If You Lose Business Records in a Disaster?
Steps to Create a Business Startup Budget
How to Create a Business Startup Budget
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10 Facts You Should Know About Business Assets
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Inquires to Make When Hiring an Accountant for Your Business
Group of colleagues standing around a table looking at business records.
Time to Get Organized: A Business Record Keeping System That Works
Business Expenses to Include in Your Business Budget and Tax Planning
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Why It Is Important to Keep Personal and Business Income Separate
Graphic showing dollars flowing through an air flow to represent a Cash Flow.
How to Solve Cash Flow Problems in Business
How to Get Paid by Customers
What to Do If a Customer Just Won't Pay
Cartoon of a pointed finger pushing an attorney off the end of a red line to fire him.
Things to Consider Before Firing Your Attorney
Business Travel is deductible on business taxes
7 Tax Deductions for Business Travel Expenses
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Comparing Accrual vs Cash Accounting for Taxes
CPA working with businesswoman compiling tax records
Who Can Prepare My Small Business Taxes?
Room filled with office workers packing cardboard boxes while moving from one business address to another.
Changing Your Business Address? Who to Notify and How
Office Accounts
The Best Way to Fire Your Accountant or CPA
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Use This Guide to Business and Personal Travel Deductibles
Taking Inventory
Why Businesses Take Inventory - Tips for Improving the Process
Business owner accepting payment from customer
Setting Up a System to Manage Customer Payments
Basic Cost Categories to Track Business Expenses
Small business owner accounting for accrued liabilities
How the Historical Cost Principle Affects Business Accounting