Tax deductions and credits can help you save money on income taxes. Learn the difference between credits and deductions, and find out whether you can take advantage of credits for business improvements, energy efficiency, and more.
Image shows two people moving a couch into a moving van. Text reads: "Employer guidelines for reimbursing moving expenses: expenses must be itemized and only specific expenses may be paid; employee must have paid or incurred expenses while performing services as an employee of your company; employee must adequately account for expenses within a reasonable period of time; employee must return any excess money left in advance, also within a reasonable period of time"
Tax Treatment of Employer-Paid Moving Expenses
7 Business Tax Deductions to Take with Caution
9 Business Tax Deductions to Take with Caution
Sales Tax Information for Small Businesses
All About Sales Taxes for Your Business
Tax Credits for Business Tax Savings
How Tax Credits Can Cut Your Business Taxes
A general view of the suite tower area of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California
What Non-Cash Fringe Benefits for Executives Are Deductible?
Male deli owner doing paperwork and using laptop
Tax Loss Carryforward Explained
State Legislation Passing Laws on Depreciation Deductions
Section 179 Depreciation Deductions and State Taxes
How Much Tax Does a Small Business Pay?
How Much Tax Do Small Businesses Pay?
Researchers working in a lab
R&D Tax Credits Increased for Small Businesses
A woman taking a test drive with a salesman.
What To Know Before Leasing a Car for Business
Stacks of money
Should Your Business Donate Cash or Assets to Charity?
1930s MAN AT DESK IN...
Learn About the Legalities of Authorized Deductions From Employee Pay
Employee testing and analyzing machinery and equipment
Capital Lease vs. Operating Lease
Shot of a courier making deliveries in his van and filling out paper on a clipboard.
What’s the Best Way to Reimburse Employees for Mileage Expenses?
Hispanic business owners using laptop
Payroll Issue: When There Are 27 Pay Periods in a Year
Young delivery driver carries wicker fruit basket in front of van
Accelerated Depreciation for Business Tax Savings
Payroll Tax Calendar
How to Set Up a Yearly Payroll Tax Calendar
Closeup of a pen and eyeglasses sitting atop a tax return
7 Ways to Save on Business Taxes
How to Register to Collect Sales Taxes
How to Get a Seller's Permit to Collect Sales Tax in Your State
Picture of Deducting Standard Mileage vs Actual Expenses on Taxes
Deducting Business Driving Expenses on Your Taxes
African American worker driving forklift
What Are Section 179 Deductions?
a car salesman with a car buyer
Tax Advantages of Business Car Leasing vs. Buying and Which Is Better
shop owner desiging the mannequin in her store
Do I Have to Pay Employees for Holidays?
Businesswoman calculating her net operating loss at home
What Is Net Operating Loss (NOL)?
Picture of Tips for Deducting Travel Expenses on Taxes
How to Deduct Long Distance and Local Travel on Your Taxes
A red Umbrella
Tax Shields Can Help You Reduce Your Income Tax Bill—And Save Big
Internet Sales Tax - Who Pays and Why
Who Must Pay Internet Sales Tax? What Is the Law?
Boat Entertaining, Boat Business Use
Want to Use a Boat or Plane for Business? What's Deductible and What's Not
business driving, business travel
What Are Commuting Expenses and Are They Tax Deductible?
ipad for business use
Consider the Tax Implications Before Using a Tablet for Business
A small business owner using a laptop to record shipping products as an expense for tax purposes.
Equipment Deductions for Business Taxes
stack of receipts
Can You Deduct Business Expenses if Your Business Isn't Profitable?
accessible entrance
Getting a Tax Credit for Making Improvements for Disability Access
Owner of frame store using laptop computer to file his business taxes.
You Can't Deduct These Expenses From Your Business Taxes
Scissors With TAXES Word on Wooden Background
What Are the Tax Credits Included in the General Business Credit?
Businessman showing his empty pockets, representing debt.
Customer Won't Pay? Take that Bad Debt Off Your Business Taxes
deducting business expenses
Don't Miss These Business Tax Deductions
Female small business owner making a financial report of her company from a pie chart on his laptop while sitting in an exclusive restaurant
Paying Bonuses to Employees: The Tax Effects
How to Protect Your Business' Digital Assets
How to Protect Your Business' Valuable Digital Assets
Delivery driver using tablet in truck
What Car Expenses Can I Deduct for Business Driving?
A man driving a car
2020 Business Mileage Rates for Business Driving
Smiling young woman behind the wheel of a car
What Is a Tax Home?
Employee Use of Company Car
Should You Give an Employee a Company Car?
Business colleagues pulling pieces of luggage while walking through an airport corridor
What Are Per Diem Rates?
Business Travel vs. Commuting Expenses
Business Travel Expenses vs. Commuting - What's Deductible?
business mileage standard mileage rate
What's an Easy Way to Track Business Miles?
Business Driving
7 Useful Tax Tips for Business Driving
Business traveler walking through the airport with a rolling suitcase.
Business Travel Expenses: What's Deductible?
Common Questions about Business Driving - Answered
Business Mileage Deduction FAQ's for Small Business Owners
Business Driving
Questions about Business Auto Expense Deductions? Answers Here
Business Mileage Deductions - FAQ's
6 Most Asked Questions About Business Mileage Calculations
Business owner discussing logo ideas
How to Amortize Intangible Assets Under IRS Section 197
Depreciation on Financial and Tax Documents
How is Depreciation Shown on Your Business Forms?
Shot of a young woman sitting with her laptop and paperwork at home
What Is the Alternative Depreciation System?
Architects working at computers in open plan office
Amortization vs. Depreciation: What's the Difference?
Employee sitting in a company car talking to client and looking at a laptop.
Who Should Own a Business Car - Business Or Employee?
Engineer checking factory equipment
How To Calculate Depreciation
Man and woman talking in modern office
How Depreciation Benefits Your Business
Section 179 Deduction for SUV
How to Get a Tax Deduction for Buying a Vehicle for Business
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10 Essential Tax Deductions for Restaurant Owners