Employment Laws & Taxes

Learn more about laws related to employment and business taxes, including the differences between employees and independent contractors. Plus, learn how to set up payments for your payroll taxes, and create an employee handbook.
Woman helping girl with new hire forms
Your Guide to New Hire Paperwork
Woman wearing mask and talking on a cell phone
How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Affected Key Employment Laws
A recently laid-off worker sits on steps beside a cardboard box filled with her belongings.
What Is Severance Pay?
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How to Treat Employee FMLA Leave During COVID-19 and Beyond
Woman counting cash at a desk
What Are Social Security Wages?
Employee Pay and Benefits Taxed
Employer Guide to Taxable Employee Compensation
Shot of a young man going over his finances at home
What Is Gross Pay?
Social security cards
Social Security Maximum Withholding - 2020 and 2021
illustration with text describing the difference between salaried and hourly employees
Should Your Employees Be Salaried or Hourly?
Financial accounting concept
The Employer's Guide to Payroll Tax Deposits
Infographic describing common issues employers run into when determining employee pay
What Are the Laws Against Not Paying Employees?
Payroll Tax Information for Employers
The Employer's Guide to Dealing with Payroll Tax
How to Get a Small Business Tax Refund
Can Employees Write off Business Expenses? Learn the Rules
a check stub with itemized accounting of deductions
Learn About FICA, Social Security, Medicare Taxes, and How Each Works
Business colleagues talking while using laptop at office
What's the Difference Between Full-time and Part-time Employees?
Small business owner doing paperwork and calculating expenses
What Is IRS Form 1096?
IRS Form 941
How to File IRS Form 941
calculate tax
Simple FICA Calculation
a blank Form W-9 with a pair of glasses laying on a desk
Before You Sign a W-9 Form, Watch for These Issues
Storekeeper in a rural shop at a rustic desk doing bookkeeping
What Are Unpaid Payroll Tax Penalties?
Small business owner counting money at the counter.
How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner
Small business owner calculating
Payroll Terms To Learn Before Doing Payroll
employees meeting outside for an interview after going through the 12-step checklist for hiring new employees
12 Step Checklist for Hiring New Employees
Female small business owner craftswoman working in workshop
I'm Self-Employed. How Do I Pay Social Security and Medicare?
Woman seated at a home table with a laptop, documents, and coffee mug
What Is IRS Form SS-8?
Woman working on paperwork at a cluttered desk
How Do I Do My Own Payroll and Payroll Taxes?
close up of multiple IRS documents piled on top of each other
Common IRS Form 941 Errors and How to Correct Them
Worker wearing hardhat and experiencing neck pain
What Is Workers Compensation? The Facts for Employers
Senior business restaurant doing paperwork at laptop
Information for Employers About State Unemployment Taxes
Employment Taxes vs. Payroll Taxes - What's the Difference
The Difference Between Payroll Taxes and Employment Taxes
Business people talking on office floor
General Duties of Employers to Employees
Overtime Rules for Exempt and Non-exempt Employees
Overtime Rules for Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees
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How To Create an Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook
About Unemployment Taxes
Answers to Unemployment Tax Questions for Employers
Manager doing payroll financial report with laptop
Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Payroll Processing
employee paychecks
Which Tax Year Should End-of-Year Employee Paychecks Be In?
Two women with laptop and paperwork meeting in a living room
Forms W-2 and 1099-NEC: Deadlines, Extensions, and Penalties
Young businesswoman and man working together on a laptop
Learn How Employees Can Sue Employers for Non-Payment of Wages
Manager and worker reviewing paperwork in factory
Form W-4: Employer Responsibility and Information
OSHA Inspector
If an Auditor Comes to Your Business —Are You Ready?
Man seated at a desk covered with paperwork taking to an employee
What Is IRS Form 940?
Manager going over new employee paperwork
What Employers Need To Know About Social Security
Calculating Employee Tax Withholding
How to Calculate Paycheck Withholding and Deductions
This illustration shows the different types of travel time for work including home to work (unpaid), a special, one-day assignment in another city, part of employee's normal work, and away from home.
When and How to Pay Employees for Travel Time
How to Prepare Form W-2
An Employer's Guide to W-2 Wage and Tax Statements
A woman who was just laid off leaving an office carrying a box with personal items.
When and How to Pay and Report Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)
Direct deposit sign and phone
When Should I Use a Payroll Processing Service?
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What Is IRS Form 1099-K?
hiring children
Tax and Legal Issues to Know About When Hiring Children as Employees
Paycheck that has not been claimed being prepared to mail back.
How Should I Deal with Unclaimed Paychecks in my Business?
Additional Medicare Tax
Additional Medicare Tax: Information for Employers
Documents for Verifying Employment Eligibility-Form I-9
Documents Employers Can Use to Verify Form !-9
A set of budgets with a calculator
What Year-end Payroll Tasks Must I Take Care Of?
Professional Chartered Accountant Woman Doing Tax
How Do I Process Payroll and Payroll Taxes?
People completing IRS Form 940
How to Complete Form 940 for Federal Unemployment Taxes
Human resources discusses payroll with a new employee
What Is Payroll?
Cafe owner calculating business expenses
How To Get W-2 and 1099 Forms
Desks with PCs in bright and modern open space office
Get Answers to Common Questions About Inactive Businesses
If you're a small business owner, note these potential tax deductibles so that you don't pay taxes that could have been extra revenue in your account.
How To File a Corrected W-2 and W-3
Accounting income and expenses
How To Create a Payroll Register