Market Research

The insights obtained by market research professionals serve as critical contributions to marketing, advertising, and publishing. Learn how to break into the field of market research or use it to super-charge your marketing operation and drive higher profits.
Text reads: "two types of market research: primary and secondary. Primary provides results specifically about your company. Secondary involved applying results of previously completed studies to your situation."
Learn the Difference Between Primary and Secondary Research
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What Is Cognitive Theory in Market Research?
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Talking Points for Convincing Clients of Data Credibility
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How to Use a Codebook to Analyze Market Research
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Here Are Some Tips on How to Conduct Market Research Surveys
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Starbucks Market Research Surveys Customer Sentiment and Propels Brand
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Coke Fans Are Loyal Despite Brand Changes
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Here Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Research
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Bring Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Together With SEM
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Creating Consumer Profiles by Using Your Market Segmentation Skills
Positive Feedback
Simplify Sampling for Surveys Research
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Gathering Competitive Intelligence
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Here's a Primer on Deductive and Inductive Market Research
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Learn About Using Cross Tabs as a Quantitative Research Method
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What Is an MROC?
Four business people review qualitative and quantitative information.
Qualitative or Quantitative? How to Choose a Method for Your Survey
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Surveys Research: What Is a Confidence Interval?
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How to Use Key Drivers to Analyze Survey Data
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Learn How to Analyze Interview Data and Survey Responses
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Target Market Segmentation in the Hospitality Industry
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Solidify Segmentation and Watch Sales Soar
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How to Do Market Research by Selecting Data Sources and Search Tools
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Measuring Brand Equity
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25 Advertising Quotes To Inspire You
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Ralph Lauren Launches Multichannel Campaign to Appeal to Audiences
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How Market Researchers Choose Which Movies You See
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Conducting Quantitative and Qualitative Segmentation Research
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Coca-Cola Awarded for Advertising Innovation as Marketer of the Year
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Look Both Ways Before You Cross - Your Customers Are Driving
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Here's How American Airlines Created the Successful Sky High Re-Brand
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What Is Market Research?
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Learn About Coca-Cola's Anti-Obesity Campaign
Example of probability sample with fourteen white eggs, one brown egg
How Probability and Nonprobability Samples Differ
Get a website to help promote listings
The 6 Best Real Estate Website Design Companies of 2022
External and Internal Customers Discuss Re-Branding Plan
Does Your Brand Resemble the Old Recliner in the Den?
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Know Your Customers Through Market Research
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Define and Measure Customer Brand Experience With These Tips
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Market Research Determines Which Brands Consumers Favor
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Market Research Case Study About Starbucks Entry to China
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Blue Ocean Fishing for Market Research Questions
Team reviewing hybrid market research data.
Differences Between Primary and Secondary Market Research
Three women and two men in a business meeting.
Learn About Syndicated Market Research and If It's Worth the Money
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What You're Missing if You Don't Have a Marketing Information System
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How to Create the Ideal Consumer Profile
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Get an In-Depth Look at Data Collection in Market Research
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Choosing Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
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What Is a Market Research Focus Group?
Social Networking
How to Conduct a Delphi Survey
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Tips on the Simple Ways to Boost Brand Affinity and Increase Loyalty
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Choose the Best Method for Dealing With Your Data
Secondary Data Is Commonly Used for Secondary Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
Market Research 101: Data Analysis
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How to Move Customer Satisfaction Ratings Higher
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How Simple Linear Regression, Used to Analyze Quantitative Data
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Give a Customer Satisfaction Survey for Great Results
Stratified random sampling produces a Representative Focus Group
What Is a Stratified Random Sample?
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Tips for Preparing Data for Analysis and Triangulation
Sentiment Analysis is Key to Consumer Insights
What Is Sentiment Analysis?